Tania Alvarez Zaldivar — Mexico

Botanica is a high contrast text typeface based on old style forms. Originally devised to be found in the context of technical drawings relating to botanics, its development derived in a book face family that looks for a diverse relationship between sturdy and organic forms. The family comprises dark text weights for roman, italics and bold.

About Tania

(Mexico City, 1985), graduated from Concordia University, Montreal (BFA, Major in Design, 2009), EINA, Barcelona (Postgraduate course in Typography, 2010) and The Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag (Type & Media, 2013). Throughout her career she has collaborated as Research Assistant for full-time faculty in experimental design based projects, and as an independent / in-house designer for studios in Barcelona and Mexico City. She currently develops her independent design practice based in Mexico City.